About Media Union

Media Union is a blockchain project sponsored by the Blockchain Media Lab, supported by FIAM, using data integration of big data and blockchain technologies to build a reasonable content creation and effective communication system, while Content platform (including not limited to major media sites, APP and self in the form of media. ), establish a partnership to evaluate the advertising value of producer content traffic and distribute the corresponding Media Union Token(MEUN). The use of each content platform by the Media Alliance has stimulated the generation of high quality content and user activity, increasing the flow of positive traffic between platforms.

Media Union has stipulated that Media Union Token (MEUN) issued a constant total of 2.1 billion pieces and promised never to issue additional shares.

Fund purchase
Technology R & D
Market expansion and content creation rewards
Team building
Advertising, public relations and other marketing
Cooperation platform allocation

Application scenario

Media Union's range of applications


Mission and vision

We hope to make a contribution to the blockchain and virtual networks, so that the public can enjoy the value and potential of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Distribution plan
In order to further expand the era of network data, to drive innovation in users and investment models, and to issue a Media Union with innovative concepts, not only can the innovative thinking of users and investment users be promoted, but also the redistribution of wealth in the eyes of people.
About purpose
The purpose of building Media Union is to create a user-oriented, secure use of cryptocurrency and application platforms to rationally distribute self-wealth. On top of the build platform, we are committed to creating a new user experience and realizing the value of Media Union.
Future plan
In the future, we are working hard to build and generate revenue from anyone on the Media Union build platform. This will enable Media Union to accommodate a large number of real and useful services, providing people with unprecedented freedom and everyday practicality.

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