What is Media Union?

Media Union is a blockchain project sponsored by the Blockchain Media Lab, supported by FIAM, using data integration of big data and blockchain technologies to build a reasonable content creation and effective communication system, while Content platform (including not limited to major media sites, APP and self in the form of media). ), establish a partnership to evaluate the advertising value of producer content traffic and distribute the corresponding Media Union Token(MEUN). The use of each content platform by the Media Alliance has stimulated the generation of high quality content and user activity, increasing the flow of positive traffic between platforms.

Media Union has stipulated that Media Union Token (MEUN) issued a constant total of 2.1 billion pieces and promised never to issue additional shares.

  • Total issue: 2,100,000,000 pieces 
  • Issue price: 1 ETH=1000 MEUN

The value of Media Union Token

Media Union Token is an added value of content creation and effective communication system. In addition to being freely circulated in the market, it also has collectible value. Media Union Token seeks industry hardships, innovative financial models, and a huge return on investors through a combination of links and content.

1, security
Security issues have always been the most sensitive part of online transactions. Media Union Token has the technical characteristics of blockchain. As a cryptocurrency, Media Union Token ensures a certain security mechanism. At the same time, Media Union Token defense, code multi-audit and security program scanning.

2, privacy
As a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, Media Union Token has certain privacy protection. In the blockchain technology, the information is transmitted according to the asymmetric digital encryption technology such as public key and private key to realize mutual trust between the two parties. In a specific implementation process, after encrypting one key pair information in a public or private key pair, only another key can be used to unlock the process. Moreover, after one of the secret keys is disclosed, another undisclosed key cannot be measured based on the public key disclosed.

3, one-stop service
As a one-stop cryptocurrency, Media Union Token will do its best to meet the needs of users once they have entered the service site.

4, decentralization
The Media Union Token has a decentralized feature that does not require the intervention or participation of a third party or individual; the Media Union Token is not issued by the legal currency as a cryptocurrency, nor does it accept the currency controlled by the central bank. Users can directly interface with each other rather than by acting as a central control system called an intermediate role. Therefore, it is faster and more cost effective.

5,Media Research Laboratory
The Media Research Laboratory is committed to the development of the latest computer technology, and the research and development content is at the forefront of technological inventions, which can be said to be based on conceptual products. Innovative research in media research laboratories can focus on four aspects: humanism, cross-cutting, originality, and openness. Media Union, as a media research laboratory, develops value-added cryptocurrencies with content-creating and effective communication systems, and is also characterized by innovative research in media research laboratories.