Cooperative media rights

First, the total amount of rights enjoyed by the cooperative media is: 420 million Media Union Token (MEUN)

Second, the Media Union partner media receives 1 million Media Union Token (MEUN) awards each year, starting with the second month of the partnership.

Third, the cooperative media can participate in Media Union’s monthly high-quality media selection event. The selected quality media can get 1 million Media Union Token (MEUN), 500,000 Media Union Token (MEUN), and 100,000 Media Union Token ( MEUN) Awards for three different gears.

Fourth, authors of collaborative media can participate in Media Union’s premium blockchain author selection campaign and receive Media Union token rewards.

Media Union Event Topic: Quality Blockchain Author Selection

Media Union activity cycle: monthly issue

Media Union Event Award: 10,000 Media Union Token (MEUN)

Media Union premium blockchain author selection activities:

Selection content:

  1. Is the author’s daily stable update content stable?
  2. The quality, originality, wording, etc. of the author’s daily updated content
  3. The depth, professionalism, and granularity of the author’s updated content.
  4. The influence of the author’s content: article reading volume, traffic volume, comment volume, attention, audience, etc.

Cooperative media obligation

First, the cooperative media needs to maintain the liquidity of MEUN on its platform. MEUN users can use MEUN to purchase corresponding services and advertisements in their media.
Second, the cooperative media should actively create the high-quality content of the blockchain media, so as not to be rumored or to be rumored.
Third, the cooperative media must hang the Media Union icon and must not revoke the icon for no reason.
Fourth, for the media that revoked the Media Union icon for no reason, the first discovery will be to warn the media; the second time, the media enjoys the annual Media Union Token reward halved; the third discovery, permanently expelled Media Union.